Apply For Canada Government Jobs As Immigrants To Work in Canada in 2023

Become an immigrant to Canada and apply for a government job in 2022. This article provides a list of current government jobs, which are open for application right now. If you are ready and qualified, this could be your easiest way to get a Government Job in Canada without much stress. Please read the entire article carefully to avoid making any mistakes when applying.

It is our mission to provide an inclusive, diverse, and equitable work environment for all employees. We encourage applications from candidates reflecting diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds – including ethnicity, religious belief, gender, age, gender orientation, marital/family status and ability.” – Canada Government.

List of Applicable jobs in Canada

Below is a list of Applicable jobs in Canada:

  • Claims Manager

  • Compliance Officer

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Dental Technician

  • Dentist

  • District Medical and Nursing Officer

  • Doctor


  • Environmental Health positions

  • Health Information Coordinator

  • Health Liaison Officer

  • Health Services Manager

  • Laboratory Technician

  • Medical Adjudicator

  • Medical Evaluator

  • Mental Health professionals

  • Ministry of Health Administrator

  • Nurse

  • Nursing in First Nations communities

  • Occupational Health Specialist

  • Pharmacist

  • Physical Activity Specialist

  • Policy Officer

  • Public Health Nurse

  • Research and Policy Analyst

  • Toxicologists

What Immigrants Need To Know About Applying For Government Jobs In Canada

If you are interested in applying for Government Jobs in Canada, follow these steps:

  • From your web browser, visit

  • Find a job that matches your skill set and interests by creating a user profile.

  • Make sure to set up job alerts with the federal public service, various provincial governments, and any municipalities that interest you. Set up job alerts on as well.


It is common for permanent government workers to start out as temporary staff and then work their way up. Temporary work provides workers with a way to network and gain access to permanent positions within an organization.

Making connections: Make valuable connections as temporary staff, perhaps you will know someone who could help you get a job interview. Identify as many sources as you can.

Persistence is what will help you land a job in a company; however, it’s only the first step. In the public sector, there are a variety of jobs available. A quarter of a million people are employed by the public service of Canada alone at 1,600 points of service.

Creating a good resume: A resume, also called a curriculum vitae (CV), contains information on your education, career achievements, and employment history. It is common for employers to look at your resume and cover letter as the first thing they see.

It is important to make a good first impression. Resume should include all the necessary work experience as well as achievements you are proud of, both personal and professional. Your cover letter should explain why you are right for the job.