Canada Jobs Without a University Degree: 5 High Paying Jobs

Getting to Canada is one thing, but surviving in Canada is another. When it comes to the necessities of life, food, shelter, and clothing are expensive.

It’s fine if you have enough money to spend without needing to acquire more, but if you don’t have enough savings to live on, you should get a job.

Now, there are a few high paying jobs in Canada that you can do without the need for a university degree. However, some positions require degrees. For instance, if you’re looking to become a manager in a firm, you can’t do so without a degree. It may even be necessary to have some experience.

This post examines some high-paying jobs in Canada that don’t require a university degree.

1. Driving

All that’s required is a valid driving license, some level of expertise, and the ability to understand the language. If you own a car, it can be even better.

With services like Google Maps, you can still find your way around the city. Transit drivers in Canada are making between $73000 – $100,000. This isn’t a job that requires a university degree.

2. Constructions

As far as construction is concerned, I am not talking about holding a position in a construction company. I am talking about just working for a construction company. According to research, the construction industry accounts for over 7% of the Canadian economy. In spite of the country being a developed country, there are still a lot of construction projects being completed.

According to research, construction laborers in Canada earn around $30,000 per year. If you know a thing or two about construction and can work in the field, perhaps as a labourer, electrician or carpenter, you could be earning up to $50,000 yearly.

3. Agriculture

It’s obvious that food is a basic necessity of life. Without food, people cannot live long. Good! So where does that food come from? Agriculture, of course.

Having a skill or knowing how to learn one is enough to be involved in agriculture. Being involved in agriculture doesn’t require a college degree.

Farmers earn an average of $30,000 – $60,000 a year in Canada.

4. Hospitality

Having the ability to speak a well spoken language is a requirement of working in the hospitality sector. You can work as a poster, steward, or even a kitchen assistant. Salary in this field is around $25,000.

5. Internet Business

We live in an era where there is an abundance of opportunities online. Some make money online, while others spend their money online.

You can start quite a few online businesses that could bring you a comfortable income if done right.

A basic requirement for Internet businesses is the ability to read and write in plain English. Online businesses include blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance work, among others.